The sea…the sea…the sea…

Word and photos by Stella Moreton

Hi I’ve been writing some poetry inspired by the sea.
There are three poems I would like to share.

The first is a narrative poem about our sail from the Galapagos to the Marquesas from the perspective of our boat Blue Zulu… enjoy!

The Journey

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

setting out to sea under clear blue skies
the bright blue waves lapping my hull

my sails flapping and nothing snapping
I was ready for an adventure

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

a few days in seasickness for the win
this is how they feel and its just beginning

waves washing my deck it’s cooling me down
I feel elated ‘cause we’re out of town

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

dolphins around it’s cheered up everyones mood
I chatted with them and they’re very rude

prancing around my hull like they just don’t care
they might pull down my underwear!

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

the starlit sky up above
winks at me and tells me to get this job done

I sail into the the starry night
while the watchman sleeps under the pale moonlight

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

rock roll rock roll
the waves torture me every day!

rock roll rock roll
I wish we were there already!

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

I imagine the rolling green hills of marquesas
the flat anchorages where I can rest

the sounds of other boats
and birds chirping in their nests

slap slop woosh!
bang bang bang!

Snap out of it Blue Zulu!
“Keep going pet!’’

but I swear I will lose it
if i hear another call of …

“ Are we there yet ?’’

My second poem is a sonnet about the different faces of the sea.
Hope you like it…


The sea has many different faces
Sometimes like a cradle, rocking to and fro
Emotions surface in many places
Sometimes like a bomb, ready to blow

It’s hard to tell when boundaries blur
Where the sky begins and the sea ends
Shades of grey replacing all colour
It will only stop when oceans anger mends

A new dawn breaks and all is calm
The horizon clear of last nights gale
Lovers on the beach, arm in arm
The early sunlight cool and pale

The sea has many different faces
from violent storm to morning graces

Last but not least is my Haiku; it sums up the strangeness of the ocean
in three short but sweet lines…


There’s nothing out there
The ocean seems deserted
But is it really?

Salty Stella

5 thoughts on “The sea…the sea…the sea…

  1. Dear Stella
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems. They are absolutely brilliant -they really tell us so clearly what it is like to sail the world – well done!
    Keep on writing and keep on sharing.
    Lots of love Mattie xxxx


  2. Dear Stella
    I absolutely agree with Mattie. They are wonderful poems! You should have your own blog with your writing and photos.
    We are having a very happy, hot summer here on the Island but we miss you Salties.
    Lots of love Sue and Hoggy xx


  3. Dearest Stella, a friend phoned to ask me if I had read your brilliant poems! I must say we are so proud of you, they are indeed brilliant. I think you may be an author one day, keep writing. We love you lots, Gogo & Gummy xxxxx


  4. Wow Stell! I’m blown away my darling girl!! So young yet you write with such maturity and insight!! You have some serious talent my Stell Bell. I think you should keep a book of all your poems along your travels and I bet we will see it on the shelves of Many a book shop x
    Love you , miss you


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