Bloody Biscay

People talk about Biscay.  People warn you about Biscay.  People are right about Biscay!

We left Falmouth (well the Helford River really after a quick engine check up!) at lunch time on Wednesday 10th August and we arrived in Camarinas in Northern Spain in thick fog on the morning of Saturday 13th August.  We were very lucky to have Lot (Patrick’s sister) onboard to join us for the crossing and boy were we thankful!

We had very big and choppy seas, near gale force winds and thick fog.  We also had whales and dolphins and some amazing meteor showers during night watches!  However in my mind Biscay will always be about vomit – we all went down!  Fin only once & Stella heroically managed to stay ok until minutes before arrival but us adults were all very seasick.

Biscay 5 – Blue Zulu 0!

But the great news is that we are safely in Spain – a bit thinner, a bit more experienced and a bit more salty!  The sun is mostly shining and we’re happy.  So let the adventures begin.

Captain P’s Bay of Biscay Crossing statistics:

  • Distance: 450 nm
  • Total time run: 68 hours
  • Average speed:  6.6 knots
  • Best 24 hours: 184 nm – with average speed of 7.7 knots
  • Total food consumed: 2 ryvitas, 1 boiled egg and about 3 slices of bread

*Mercifully there is no photographic evidence of the Biscay ordeal so instead please enjoy these pictures of us sailing in ‘sunny’ Spain since arriving and of us celebrating our arrival above!


6 thoughts on “Bloody Biscay

  1. Yep, they warn you about Biscay because it’s all true. And imagine it in November (remember quite a few Vendée Globe hopes get shattered in that very bay, to get perspective). Glad you’re all doing fine and wishing you fair winds. Just got back from a week on the proud ply 25 footer in South Brittany, and thinking about you guys having just left did instill ideas about a longer passage. Stay safe, Joss

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