Learning the ropes

The kids have been brilliant as we’ve fought our way down the West Coast to Falmouth in Cornwall.  The wind direction hasn’t played ball and we’ve been forced to motor-sail most of the way – throw in an engine hiccup & faulty roller fuller & you’ve got some fun and games!!  Mostly though the kids have been great – occupying themselves down below while at sea and ready to make new friends in each new port.  The best new game is climbing the mast in the brand new bosuns chair (the old one was more than 30 years old & Mum was being a bit precious!)  Stella has made it to the first spreaders & Fin isn’t too far behind (but still a little scared) – it won’t be long until they are at the top – eek!!!

Favourite stops:  Falmouth, Helford, Salcombe

4 thoughts on “Learning the ropes

  1. Hi guys. It was 12 years ago that we met in Antigua, I’ll be following your great new adventure with your kids. Hopefully our waves will cross again one day. Fair winds….Sally x

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  2. Been thinking about you and wondered how far you had got. I’m looking forward to following your adventures. The children look so blond – I’m sure when I met them down at Swiss last time they were dark haired! They seem to be really up for the challenge. I wouldn’t go up the mast if you paid me. Happy sailing. Allison from Swiss

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  3. Hi salty Moretons. What great fun! not sure about being down below though, rather be up the mast! Don’t go to western Ozz yet as have just been to my son and his familiy’s new home at Port Coogee, Freemantle and there were twisters over the sea and gales so loud we could not sleep. If you go there it would be great to see you, there’s are nice new marina. I shall be back there in January, hope to have sun!
    Where are you off to next? The children will have such wonderful memories!
    Enjoy everything. Very best wishes Alison Renshaw Osborne

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