Special guests

My parents joined us in Grenada for almost 3 weeks – with a little break in the middle just so we all didn’t kill each other – and it was wonderful!! Not the most experienced sailors, they took to life onboard brilliantly and more than made up for their missing skills in continuous story reading and washing up!

The weather had been awful for the two weeks before their arrival so we were a bit worried but thankfully the Caribbean decided to show off. In our first two weeks we headed north to lovely Carriacou and then the gorgeous Grenadines and with the exception of my poorly planned ‘hike’ to the beach in Carriacou, we had a wonderfully relaxing time. We visited at least 7 different islands and anchored in some very beautiful places. It was very special to be able to share some of our favourite places with my folks and for them to get a bit of an insight into this weird and wonderful life that we lead.

The truly stunning Tobago Cays where swimming with turtles in an everyday occurrence – is this really our life?!

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My parents then left us for the luxury of their friends catamaran in the British Virgin Islands and no sooner had they gone then a tropical storm hit us. Well, it was supposed to hit us…it kinda spat on us instead. I guess that is the thing about being in the Caribbean during the hurricane season – you feel vulnerable and need to prepare even if the warnings don’t amount to anything. Even though Grenada is south enough to be technically out of the hurricane belt – the weather patterns don’t always co-operate. Anyway by the time my parents returned so had the sun and we had the perfect weather to explore Grenada.

We spend a night anchored off Hog Island and went to a nearby dinghy concert. A completely new experience for us all – basically it is a floating barge with a band and about 40 dinghies tied up together to listen to music for the afternoon. The lead singer, a wonderful cross between Jack Sparrow and Bob Marley in tight leather trousers, kept us entertained while the kids swam and the parents drank beer – kind of perfect.

In Molinere Bay, we snorkelled the world’s first underwater sculpture park which was quite surreal and rather fun. I had a bit of a ‘pinch me’ moment when I saw Fin swim into the middle of a circle of underwater ‘human’ statues that we’re holding hands – these children of mine are fish!

We also hired a car for a couple of days and poor Patrick had two backseat drivers while trying to navigate the twisty mountain roads. We explored inland – ticking off most of the major tourist sites: plantation house, rum factory, chocolate factory, the lovely capital St Georges and a waterfall. The River Antoine Rum Distillery was particularly fascinating or terrifying depending on your view of their ancient techniques!  And your rum tolerance –  155 % proof – too flammable to carry on a plane!!

I know Mum will remember Fin’s face looking in her hatch every morning waiting for his story and Dad will remember endless diving competitions off the boat. We will remember LLB sundowners and popcorn, gorgeous sunsets, endless swimming and a perfect spinnaker sail down Grenada.

A very special and magical time for us all – thank you for visiting Gogo and Gummy.



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