1000 miles round up!

We’ve officially passed the 1000 mile mark since leaving the UK and are currently cruising along the Algarve in Southern Portugal trying to settle into ‘boat’ school lessons (EEK!). So here are some fun journey statistics since leaving Cowes and things we think at this stage of the journey:

Total nautical mileage: 1190
As the crow flies from Cowes: 875 miles
Total engine hours: 98
Top wind speed: 35 knots (NW force 7) off Cabo de Roca, Portugal

Total days: 52 days
Nights at sea: 5; 3 x Bay of Biscay, 1 x Porto to Peniche, 1 x Lisbon to Lagos
Nights in marina: 13 + 2 on mooring buoys
Nights on anchor: 37 at anchor

Favourite thing about living on a boat?

Patrick: No TV and no alarm clock
Anna: Taking your home with you as you travel
Stella: You can swim whenever you want and you can see places you have never seen before
Fin: I like the kayak and the hammock and school is much shorter

Favourite places you’ve visited so far?

Patrick: O Grove Bay in Rias De Arousa, Spain
Anna: Camarinas and Bayona in Spain, Porto and Lisbon in Portugal
Stella: Everywhere
Fin: Lisbon because I liked the bumpy car ride (Tuk Tuk) without any seatbelt!

Biggest challenge?

Patrick: Finishing the boat jobs list from Cowes!
Anna: Night passages when feeling rough and holding the kids attention during boat school lessons!
Stella: Missing friends and seasickness
Fin: Missing my friends and getting seasick

At the moment the plan is to head to the Canaries early in October and from there on to the Cape Verdes and across the Atlantic for Christmas in the Caribbean. But first we’re looking forward to seeing more of Southern Portugal and Spain!

8 thoughts on “1000 miles round up!

  1. Anna, how is keeping the ‘Home’ ship shape and tidy going? Take some pics! Loving your statistics all sounds great fun…slightly concerned there is still sea sickness, surely it should go soon? X x


  2. I have LOVED catching up on your magical adventure, it really did make us chuckle. Can’t wait to show Lewis when he wakes in the morning.

    Take care Moretons 😘

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  3. Gorgeous photos Xx Great hearing all your news and stats. Looks like the very best kind of classroom to me!! Missing you all so much but all so happy that you are all living the dream. Tell Fin that Noah’s team scored 12-0 today! Xx Loads of love – can’t wait for the next installment! Xxx

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  4. We are loving your blog. It looks so much fun – even school time! As Holly said, ” the best sort of classroom”. They are going to learn so many wonderful non-school things every day too. Hoggy and I are going to be in Portugal at the beginning of Oct but wrong end and wrong time! Very badly organised. Xx Sue

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